How To Conquer Examinations In Schools

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Become “Exam Smart” - My Personal Story Thinking back to my schooling career one of the worst things about it was the idea of doing an exam. There is nothing worse than walking into an exam hall, thumbing through the exam papers that are laid out before you and then realizing that you really have no clue what to do. The truth is, you do have an idea. It is just the pressure of the environment that is getting to you which instantly causes a mind blank. On this page I want to talk to you a little bit about how you can do better on your exam papers. Follow a couple of the tips on this page and I am sure you will improve in leaps and bounds.

Of course, at the top of the list when it comes to how to do well on exam papers is to study…and study A LOT! You need to understand the material that is going to come up. You generally are not going to cover all of the material that needs to be covered in class (there simply will not be enough time for you to do that!) the best bet therefore is to open up your books and read through everything.

If you can get hold of a curriculum for that particular class then look at that too. This will tell you the essential information that you need to know. I remember studying for exams. I was able to compress absolutely everything that I needed into just a couple of short pieces of paper, learn that paper, and I was good to go. Obviously my subject may be different to yours (I studied Law) however I am sure you can compress your knowledge into a few short prompts that will trigger memories in you.

Perhaps the biggest tip I can give you when it comes to how to do well in any exam is to get hold of some old exam papers. You can ask your teacher for them. They will also have at least a few to hand. The beauty of working through these old exam papers is the fact that you will be able to see the type of questions that get asked as well as the format in which you are going to need to answer them.

Generally speaking, the format of the exam does not change from year to year. In fact, most years you will probably find that the questions are much the same but with a very minor twist on them. Have a work through the exam papers. In some cases your teacher will able to mark the paper for you. If you did not get them from your teacher then do head online. You will generally be able to get all sorts of exam papers online that you can work your way through. You will even be dealt the marking scheme too.

Remember, when you get into that exam hall do stay confident. If you have put the work in, and I am sure you have done so, you will ace that examination quite easily. How To Conquer Examinations In Schools

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