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But maybe the best part falls under "similarity scores" which is a feature at the site that finds players with similar careers.

I had been a very big advocate of implementing Facebook Like buttons into websites. After all, I had argued that it is important to drive traffic to your website via social media and the Like buttons seem to offer a simple way to let users share your content with their Facebook friends. However, after making the effort to integrate Facebook like buttons across our web properties - I am truly sorry to say that they can cause a lot of trouble for website owners.

To achieve those goals, I have often asked clients to make changes to their websites, to make them publicity friendly. In the over 10 years I've had my public relations business, I have worked with many clients who have sold products through their websites. The changes I suggest are based on feedback from the media, as well as experience. Their goal in getting media coverage is to get more traffic to their sites, as well as sales.

In fact, as I mentioned before, it was one of our Facebook fans which helped us come to the conclusion that the Facebook like buttons are more trouble than they are worth. In summary, Facebook fan pages have allowed us to engage with our audience and grow an online community for each of our properties. So we are removing all of our Like buttons and instead we are promoting the respective Facebook Fan Page of the given web property.

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This makes it much more difficult to automate the process of publishing the Facebook Like buttons across an entire website. For example, if your website has a sitewide navigational menu, which is displayed at the top of every page of your website, you can't just plug in the Facebook button because in the HTML code, for each button, you have to specify the actual webpage that the user is Liking. While it is extremely simple to publish the Like buttons on your web page, you do have to add the specific URL to each specific Like button.

We have a Facebook Fan Page for each of our properties, and on one of our Fan Pages we had a user commenting that they couldn't access articles on our site. Perhaps the most frustrating experience came when we realized the Facebook buttons were causing entire web pages not to work. Here is an "actual" dialogue we had with one of our EasyFunSchool.

Granted, we could do the work to try and debug the issue to see why this problem was happening - but we have more pressing projects to take care of and we can't have the Facebook buttons causing our sites to become unusable.

This ended up skewing our page view numbers drastically. We went online to a few webmaster forums and found countless website owners also frustrated with this same issue. We, like most websites, use Google Analytics as it offers a free and fantastic way for us to pull traffic reports for each of our websites. seo agency

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