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Woodworking Projects

Sometimes I make things. Often, out of wood.


After learning how to use the lathe, I wanted to find some projects to do. After making a bunch of tops and turning a spindle or two, I discovered pens! The kits start at a very affordable price, and the required tools are mostly standard pieces of lathe kit. I get to work with all sorts of interesting materials and exotic woods that would otherwise be hard to find in larger quantities.

As I make some neat pens, I'll post the photos of the ones I'm proud of.

Majestic rollerball with African Blackwood

This pen is a gift for my mother's birthday. It's the 2nd pen I've made from African Blackwood, and the first I've made with a larger "premium" pen kit. I really like how this turned out, and plan on making some more when I can buy more of the premium kits.

I turned the wood pretty flat, which is my preference. I opted against a finish other than just sanding the wood up to a very smooth texture. I sanded the wood with 120, 200, 320, and 400 grit sand paper before moving on to the micro mesh seried of pads ranging from 1,500 grit all the way to 12,000 grit. This left a bit of luster, but not the plastic-ey sheen that a finishing coat would leave.

I had considered building up layers of cyanoacrylate and then using a plastic polish for a smoother, shinier, more durable finish. The reason I opted against this was for the purpose of having a direct tactile connection with the organic components of the pen.

The pen kit is heavy, and features some attractive "carved" components and a Swarovski crystal on the bottom of the clip. The cap unscrews from the main body of the pen, but does not seat on the other side of the pen for storage. This pen feels very heavy in the hand.

Rubber stamp

While at a hackerspace in Austin, TX, Dylan had them make a couple of rubber stamp pads for Ohmspace using their laser cutter. Jason mounted one to a piece of acrylic, but I wanted something a bit special for the other one. I picked up a piece of Chechen wood from Woodcrafters and made a handle for the rubber stamp. I wanted something hefty and nice-looking. I think the project could have gone much better if I had a 4-jaw chuck to mount the work piece in, but I made due with turning the wood between centers and I think it was alright.

The Chechen wood was an absolute joy to turn. Despite being a relatively dense wood at 920kg/m3, the Chechen was coming off in ribbons while I cut it. It took a nice finish rather easily. I look forward to using this wood again in the future.

Ohmspace Projects

Hey, I like to help.

Back room / Meeting room

Despite ongoing conversations about what this room will be, the consensus is that it needs to be finished out and clean looking. Here are some of the components of the project.


The walls are cinder block, and they initially did not rise all the way to the ceiling, leaving the room very uninsulated. We have done the following:


The windows need help. They need to have old paint and rust ground off of them, they need to be painted with metal primer, preferrably matte black, and they need to have the glass replaced.


We need doors. There are currently three doorways that need good doors to help isolate the room.


It was suggested that we make the flooring from pallet wood. While this sounds like an interesting project, it seems that the labor involved would be an absurd amount, and we lack the equipment necessary.

Recently, there has been an offer of laminate wood flooring for the room. This seems like it will be the way to go due to ease of installation and maintenance.

Air conditioning

Due to some earlier demolition, the A/C ducts were torn down. They have since been re-hung, though they need some patching up to re-attach the sections.

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