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Hobby Servos:

  • Servo-signal.jpgTypical Standard Servo signal.
Note: Extended servos have control pulse widths ranging from 0.5ms to 2.5ms. The period between the start of each control pulse in any case is still 20ms.
Even though the above example was written using a Propeller Chip, the method of operation can apply to other micro controllers just as well.
[Video demonstration]



Wire and Coils:

Category:Start a Maker Business

Category:Materials Information

Nominal Wood Sizes and Weight

NominalD(in)W(in)D(mm)W(mm)Weight (lb/ft)Weight (g/m)Weight (lb/ft)Weight (g/m)
(White Pine)(Yellow Pine)
1" X 2"0.751.519.238.40.2088.60.30134.7
1" x 4"0.753.519.289.60.46206.70.69314.2
1" x 6"0.755.519.2140.80.72324.81.09493.8
1" x 8"0.757.2519.2185.60.94428.21.43650.9
1" x 10"0.759.2519.2236.81.20546.31.83830.4
1" x 12"0.7511.2519.22881.46664.42.231010.0
2" x 4"1.53.538.489.60.91413.41.3*628.4
2" x 6"1.55.538.4140.81.43649.72.18987.5
2" x 8"1.57.2538.4185.61.89856.42.871301.7
2" x 10"1.59.2538.4236.82.411092.63.661660.8
2" x 12"1.511.2538.42882.931328.94.452019.9
4" x 4"3.53.5 89.689.62.13964.73.231466.3
Note: White Pine is calculated at 25lb/ft^3 at air dried 20% humidity
Note: Yellow Pine is calculated at 38lb/ft^3 at air dried 20% humidity
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