March 13, 2012 Meeting Summary

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Date:March 13, 2012

NOTE: There were several technical hangups during this meeting. Dylan was on the road and attended via Skype. Jason was having trouble with an encrypted disk that contained the login info for all the financial records and his laptop was tied up projecting Skype for Dylan. Thus, he wasn't able to keep good meeting mins and the financial data was incomplete. We'll do better next meeting :)

Meeting Start: 8:00PM Meeting End: 9:30PM (?)


OHM Space

1700 W. Main St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Total Attendees: >20

Members Present: Dan Weaver, Lawrence Kincheloe, Robert Green, David Smolkin, Derek Hubbard, Stan Hall, Mike Douglas, Nico Cinocco, Mia Bottoms, James Newman, ?

All Directors Present: Jason Stone, Dylan Mackey (Via Skype)

Recorded By: Jason C. Stone (Recreated from memory and a few notes on 03-22-2012)

Treasurer's Report

President' Report

General Discussion

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