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Welcome to OHM!

OHM Space seeks to create a safe, entertaining space in Oklahoma City where everyone can learn, create and share. We support the Hacker, Maker and Local Art communities, which includes just about anyone who likes to create and modify things in ways they find useful or even beautiful!

We are an Oklahoma nonprofit corporation that hopes to achieve 501(c)(3) status in order to better serve our members and the general public. If you'd like to get involved, please contact us at info[at]ohmspace[dot]org, show up at a meeting or donate! (PayPal | Dwolla)

About Us: Get Involved: Help Us:
We're located at:
1 NE 3rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73104
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Open Lab Night! : Every Tuesday @ 7:30 PM

In the News!

Legal Stuff

Contact Us

OhmSpace at Untitled

1 NE 3rd St

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

email: info[at]ohmspace[dot]org

phone: 405-265-8OHM (405-265-8646)

twitter: @OHMSpace

facebook: OHM Space

irc: #OHMSpace on freenode.net (web client!)

hackerspaces.org: OHM

bettermeans: OHM Space Workstream

forum: OHM Space Forum

google calendar: OhmSpace

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