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Read this to learn how to create map links! Oklahoma City locations only please!

Possible Locations

A. 14,680 SqFt @ 1200 N Robinson Ave - This would be nice :)

B. 2,100 SqFt @ 401 E. California - Loft in Bricktown with FREE parking. Above 24-hour IHOP, so, it's safe all day long! Easy highway access, on bus routes, within walking distance of restaurants, hotels, movie theater, ACM and other attractions. It's also close to some of the manufacturing facilites in the area that may be able to provide us shop space and equipment. Plus.... it's located at the end of Flaming Lips Alley!

C. 10,000 SqFt(?) @ 1101 N Broadway Ave - (Looks like the whole ground floor would really be around 14000sqft according to the county's sketch[1]. Also, as discussed, there seems to be a 7000sqft basement. - @DH405)

D. 5,000 SqFt @ 1700 W Main St, $300 a Month, $300 deposit, 25% of total building utilities and monthly leasing! Courthouse records


Be sure to zoom out and scroll around!

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