December 19, 2012 Meeting Summary

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Date: 12/19/2012 Started: 7:48PM Ended: 8:15PM


Shutting our doors and moving out or staying in the space and getting evicted.

  1. Voting to stay in space or move out - unanimously voted to move out

Open Discussion

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm CST.

OHM Space memberships refunds and credits

Effective immediately all current memberships will be put on hold.

All memberships on hold will be renewed instantly upon the opening of a new space.

How this will play out for each member is dependent upon when and how they have paid.


For every month OHM Space will not have a space available OHM Space will be offering a complimentary credit for membership for that month.

The credit will have no cash value and will not be eligible for a cash refunded.

This program will go on for up to a 6 months time. If in a years time we have no space we may elect to refund the remainder of the memberships fees sans credit.

Those members who joined between May 1st and Dec 19th of 2012 and paid one year in advance will be eligible for the full credit.

Those paying a year in advance between February 1st and may 1st of 2012 will eligible for 1/2 credit with the same stipulations as the full credit.

All monthly memberships will be terminated immediately and are not eligible for a credit.


OHM Space is directly responsible for all refunds and will be held accountable as such.

All memberships are eligible for refunds

Refunds will be paid after all debts are settled and when sufficient funds have been generated to pay all refunds at once.

There will be no sporadic payment of refunds.

All monthly memberships will be refunded a prorated amount for the month of december to be paid at the time of all other refunds.

Prorate 12 days for january

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